Posted on 2015-02-02 23:35:54

Actually, I had some free time this morning,
so I borrowed Mama
and we went to watch a movie de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

We watched Annie, which I’ve been wanting to see .:*:゜☆

That said, when I was still in elementary school,
I watched the musical quite a few times at the theatre in Aoyama~ (*’-’*)

I met friends there,
and went for auditions too,
so the movie was full of deep memories for me ☆

“Just how will it look, now that it’s been made into a movie~?”
With that thought, I excitedly went to watch it— (*^Θ^*)

Of course, a theatre production
has the power of reaching out directly to the audience

But a movie
allows for detailed acting, which adds intensity and magnificence to the work

Plus, the story was rewritten in the modern setting

The pacing was great, it was really interesting and fun,
and there were tearjerking moments too
I was truly satisfied (*>∀<*)

The pillow fight and mop scenes
really made an impression on me when I watched the musical,
and I remember how my friends and I used to play out these scenes all the time (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Oh! When Mama was still a student,
she actually watched the musical at Broadway itself!!
So envious——— (`・Θ・´)

It’s surprising that I’ve not had many chances to watch musical, but…

I’m really interested in them

So no matter if it’s a big or small production
If I get the chance
I hope to watch lots of musicals (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Ah!! It’s hard to believe now,
but we may just be doing a musical ourselves soon ^^;

So! ☆ I really need to learn lots (*`・Θ・´*)

Oh! Look at this——— ♪

It’s a heart pendant that Mama bought for me
when we went to watch the Annie musical a long time ago ☆

It’s still my treasure now
…That’s just like me, huh? (laugh)

And today
is actually twin tails day ⌒°(*・Θ・*)°⌒

Oh! Did you think I’ll have photos this year too?? (laugh)

Tsk tsk tsk!!

Now that I’ll be 20 soon—

I spent the day in a mature mood (^m^)w

Here’s a photo I took yesterday with a friend— ☆

For those who are hungry now—!!
This is a photo of the steak I had
when my family went out for a meal a few days ago ♪
Ushishi! Ψ(`∀´Ψ)

Lastly, of course we have…

Some photos I took just a while ago
There they are (laugh) Twin tails ⌒°(*・Θ・*)°⌒

Haha! ♪

I promise this will be the last year I’m doing this— ^^;