Posted on 2014-12-31 00:52:24

Are you alright—? 💦

I’m sure everyone’s already heard about this,
but Momoka has fallen ill with influenza…

So Momoka will not be appearing at Kouhaku Utagassen tomorrow.

It’s a really really really really sad thing,
but the one who is the most saddened must be Momoka herself.

Having influenza must be so painful

And because it’s Momoka,
she’s probably brooding alone and feeling depressed—??

Don’t close yourself away!

Even though you can’t come to the venue,
remember that this year’s theme is “Let’s sing. Everyone join in on New Year’s Eve”, ok?

Though only 4 of us will be on stage,
our performance will not be complete with only 4 people.

Only with Momoka here,
and everyone from Mononofu JAPAN,

will the performance be complete!!!

So Momoka, please support us in front of your TV.
(Don’t get too excited. (laugh))

Everyone from Mononofu JAPAN,
please lend us your strength!

Let’s do the best performance!

The sound of everyone singing together at Momokuri
has clearly reached us—!

To all Momoka oshi,
we feel the same way you do.

So let us pray together
and wish Momoka a speedy recovery! 😌

Everyone, please take care of yourself!

Bye 🙌

Sasaki Ayaka