Posted on 2014-12-14 21:59:32

This is Momoka, excited about
the start of rehearsals for Momokuri de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

This year’s Christmas Folk Village will be 3 hours long,
so there’s lots of remember, which is tough,
but it’s ok, since it’s something I love ♪

I’ll enjoy myself and work hard de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

Ah! I don’t really get the chance to reveal this during Folk Village,
but I really love melodious J-POP with charming lyrics

And unexpectedly,
I really love jazzy tunes that makes me want to dance too… ♪

Songs like “Kuchibashi ni cherry”
are really too difficult,
but I want to try singing it someday (^m^)

And so, today’s BGM is
Fumido’s Watari-san’s “Umaretate no kibun de odoru no sa”

Everyone, try listening to it first thing in the morning— ♪

It’ll surely get your mood up for the entire week— ↑↑

The photo is completely random
Donuts (@⌒¬⌒@)

Fufu! ♪

I tried peeking through it (laugh)

To those who watched “Hagure deka”,
and those who wrote me a postcard,
and those who went for the pre-goods sales at Osaka,
and everyone else! ♪ Thanks for all your comments! (*・Θ-*)
Ah!! And those who watched Himeclo today and cleaned up—?? (laugh)