Posted on 2014-11-23 22:33:04

I made a really big mistake on my previous entry…
I was checking wiki and went “Eh (? ?)”
My English is weak, so… ← Eh?!
“Oh— Is that right?!”
And that was why I wrote it!!!

Now I realized
I got someone’s important name wrong…

So let me set this right,
the one who called me “Oh! tiny ♪” and carried me bridal-style
was the drummer Eric Singer-san ★

I’m really sorry (*_ _*)

Ah! And I wrote that I hit his drums…
Hit…? (lol)
Everyone must be wondering “What did she mean—?!!”…
Yes, I used drumsticks ^^;

Thanks to everyone for correcting me ^^

Seriously, my lack of vocabulary
has created so many errors this time de-ariyasu (TΘT)

↓ Some photos from Las Vegas I didn’t upload the last time ♪