Posted on 2014-09-14 16:13:56

Yesterday started with a festival!
And now, we end off with a festival————!!

It was the best day ( *´ω`* )/

The Inazuma Rock Fest, hosted by T.M.Revolution’s Nishikawa-san!

And then,
Kishidan Banpaku (Momoclo Banpaku)← hosted by Kishidan-san!

To everyone who came down
Thank you!!

Wow—, it was just so much fun (∩´∀`∩)

We were invited to be the top batter for Inazuma Rock Fest!

And Nishikawa-san helped to get us into the mood before our performance!!

Our 1st song was T.M.Revolution-san’s “INVOKE”

And Nishikawa-san helped by telling us a secret on how to sing “INVOKE”— (。-∀-)


That was surprising, Nishikawa-san~

But to have it publicly acknowledged!

Please invite us to sing again next time— ( *´ω`* )/

Since we had to move to the next venue,
we unfortunately didn’t get to watch the performances of all the other artistes.

It was probably very exciting—! (・∀・)

We were really happy to have taken part as well!

Thank you!

And then, we were invited to be the finale guests on Kishidan Banpaku (*∩ω∩)

It’s our 3rd year taking part
So there was this feeling of “I’m home—!” (laugh)

But it was such a huge responsibility… being the finale show. (laugh)

It’s really an honour, thank you thank you thank you! \(^o^)/

This year, we performed “SECRET LOVE STORY” in full,
and went all out crazy! (laugh)

we performed “Mouretsu uchuu koukyoukyoku. Dai nana gakushou mugen no ai” together with Kishidan-san—— (*^ω^*)

Wow— It was just so much fun!!

The best—!!

Did everyone enjoy the 10-member version of Mouretsu? (*゚∀゚*)

We then watched the fireworks, and it was the ending of the best summer.

Thank you!


Twins fashion!

Isn’t it just perfect for festivals? (。-∀-)


Momoiro Kishidan Z!!! (laugh)

Ossu! (laugh)

Aarin forgot to take a photo with Nishikawa-san— (´・_・`)

Let’s take one next year—!
We’ll be ready to take it on again next year!! (laugh)

It was really such an enjoyable day!

Thank you!!!

Ahh— Festivals are the best! (`・ω・´)

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