Posted on 2014-09-10 20:24:14

Kawakami-sa———n! 。・・。)ノ

Happy birthday!!

Eh, can we not reveal Kawakami-san’s age here? (laugh)

Just imagine, he was so young when Aarin first met him… but well,
guess Aarin has aged the same amount herself too (laugh)

Which also means he has taken care of her for the same amount of time too

Kawakami-san, thanks for everything!

Though she hates it when Kawakami-san gets angry (laugh)

But she still loves Kawakami-san, because he’s really kind and always thinks of all of us—! (shy)

Please continue to support us (`・ω・´)



Hey, wait!
Isn’t that Aarin’s Athena costume—? (laugh)

Ah, now everyone
will think that Kawakami-san’s head size = Aarin’s head size— (-.-)

That’s not true, ok—!!! (laugh)

This was taken before they adjusted it to my size—! (laugh)

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