Posted on 2014-09-10 22:13:28

Tonight feels just like autumn ♪
It’s just so cooling— (*^Θ^*)

The moon is so round and beautiful too— .:*:゜☆

A full moon
means that the tambourine from Anime Summer was delivered successfully
That’s great de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

And then, today
is our manager Mr Kawakami and Syachi’s Nao-chan’s birthdays ☆
Happy birthdayyyy~~~ .:*:゜☆

Hmm?! There’s a deja vu,
as if I’ve written the same thing last year too… (’-’ )?!

The year has passed by so quickly (≧Θ≦)

Summer too…


Our summer isn’t over
until Kishidan Banpaku ends! (^m^)

This year, we have the Inazuma Rock Fest on the same day too,
super looking forward to it de-ariyasu ♪♪♪

Ah! I’m also thinking in chibi bits
about Chibikko Matsuri too— (・Θ・)

To everyone coming, please look forward to it! (*・Θ-*)
(There’ll be an LV screening too~ ♪)

The photos are a reply to “MomoKanako” ♪

…And~, me in pajamas de-ariyasu (・Θ・)

♪ Today’s BGM ♪ Mr. Children’s pieces