Posted on 2014-09-05 01:26:04

Ariyasu-sui ♪

Ah! These were sold at summer’s Nissan Stadium (*・Θ-*)

Today was my first time drinking and using it since Nissan!!

I cooked noodles using Ariyasu-sui,
then cooled them down using ice made from Ariyasu-sui,
before eating them (⌒¬⌒*)

To everyone who bought these
and still have them at home— ♪

It’s not expired yet,

but make sure you use it all before it does (laugh)

Ahh— I’m full of power now~! (*`・Θ・´*)=3=3=3

♪ Today’s BGM ♪
My recent favourite by DREAMS COME TRUE-san~
Kessen wa kinyoubi ♪