Posted on 2014-07-26 02:41:27

It’s past midnight, so it’s 26 July now.

For me,
today is really a very special day
for various different reasons .:*:゜☆

First, thanks to everyone’s support,
I’m able to successfully celebrate
my 5th year in Momoclo (*’-’*)

Next, it’s the start of the best summer
with everyone (*≧∇≦*)

I’ll deliver with everything I’ve got,
so get ready to receive it— ♡

I’ll send out power to everyone who can’t make it too— (*・Θ-*)

Ah! The forecast predicts really high atmospheric pressure,
so to everyone who’s coming, please drink Ariyasu-sui
to combat the heat (+ +)

Don’t push yourselves too hard (・Θ・)

Hoping to spend the day with everyone’s smiles (*^Θ^*)