Posted on 2014-07-21 00:19:51

Is everyone enjoying the long weekend—??

Resting your body, and taking care of loose ends?

Are the people working striving hard too—?!

We’re just a week from Nissan now
So we’re working at full power everyday too— ☆

But while on the road or on days where we end early,
I listen to my favourite music
and watch a bit of TV drama which I’ve missed out on— =3

Right now,
I’m one week behind “Kazoku gari” and “Wakamono-tachi”,
and have to record episodes of “HERO” and “Oyaji no senaka” as well ^^;

Everyone, if you have any drama recommendations, do let me know (*・Θ-*)

So, tomorrow’s the last day of the long weekend ☆

Fufu! ♪
Do set your alarms and wake up early,
good things may happen— (^m^)

So!! I’ll listen to ONE OK ROCK-san’s “Mikansei symphony”
and head out tomorrow in high spirits ↑↑↑↑ as well———








Misa’s notes:
1. The long weekend is due to Marine Day, which falls on 21 July 2014, a Monday.