Posted on 2014-07-13 09:49:03

So so, yesterday
was Kanako’s birthday ☆

We all sang ‘Happy birthday’ lots

Remember the dramatic kisses I received
from all the members as a present last year for my birthday?

We did it to Kanako this time round (* ̄∇ ̄*)

It was the first time I put on such red lipstick— (laugh)

It’s really super fun for both the giver and the recipient,
so everyone, do try it out sometime (*・Θ-*)

And~ Then~

Summer’s pie festival! (laugh)

All the members and staff
had a pie throwing fight (o⌒∇⌒o)

Ah! Why am I the only one safe?
Look forward to watching Momoclo-chan and finding out (laugh)

Ahh— Kanako has turned 20 too~ ☆

Eh? Aren’t Kanako and I
the same age…?
I totally don’t feel that way— (o_o)

In lots of ways,
our leader has grown up and taken another step towards adulthood ☆

Please continue
to lead the Mononofu and Momoclo
with that power (*^Θ^*)

Rehearsals for Nissan have finally begun,
and we’ll get to meet everyone again in 2 week’s time (*≧∀≦*)

The real summer is finally here————— ↑↑

Right? ♪

Don’t dry up in the heat ← Like the frog after the rainy season (laugh)

Please make sure to keep well hydrated! (`・Θ・´)