Posted on 2014-06-28 22:37:03

we toured around Japan \(^o^)/

Aarin went from Sendai → Oomiya → Nagano
together with Shiorin (& Shiorin doll)!!

Reni-chan, Kanako-chan and Shiorin
actually started touring yesterday

But because Aarin had to go to school…
She only took part today!

The last time they did the tour around Japan, Aarin was still recovering from the fracture ((*ω*))

So this was her first time!

Finally, she got to join in——!!

To everyone who helped out with the programme recordings
And everyone at Sendai, Oomiya and Nagano

Thank you- (*∩ω∩)

Today was such a fulfilling and fun day, really \(^o^)/ (laugh)

Even though the time spent travelling was surprisingly long (laugh)

Reaching our destination, taking part in the recordings, and meeting everyone was just so enjoyable!

Thank you for everything today (*^ω^*)





Shiorin! Thank you for today \(^o^)/

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