Posted on 2014-06-24 00:01:03

Recently, Mama made a café au lait for me with Z-kun drawn on it!
Being featured on a café au lait, made into caps and worn by the Mononofu, everyone really loves Z-kun!!

And I made Z-kun a Takagi-oshi (^ー゜)
Takanofu, please support Z-kun too!! (laugh)

( ̄▽ ̄) Meow

On my free days, we take afternoon naps together!
He’s so cute!
And he’s slimmed down recently too!
Let’s hope he continues to work on it!

So, looks like it’ll rain again tomorrow
Don’t forget your umbrellas (^ー゜)

Let’s work hard tomorrow!
So, see you tomorrow-
Yeah- ☆