Posted on 2014-06-21 22:55:38

Both yesterday and today,
are grateful days for Momoclo- (≧▽≦)

Yesterday was Aarin’s revival
after 2 months ♪
And we did a performance with 5 of us together!!

Thanks to everyone who watched MSta- (*^Θ^*)

I’m so glad we got to bring
“Naitemo iin da yo” to everyone de-ariyasu (≧Θ≦)

Wow~ Even so,
live broadcasts are really so scary! ^^; ← I say that every time (lol)

But we got to perform with lots of other artistes
and get closer to them,
and that made me glad~ (*^Θ^*)

Yes yes ♪ Look at this photo-

gave me a kiss when the photo was taken (//Θ//)
Wow, I was just so happy
that I thought I was going to faint de-ariyasu (≧Θ≦)

She’s so cute, like a Barbie doll,
and her singing was so good too,
she totally captured my heart (*・Θ・*)

And so, yesterday was a really Happy day ♪

And then and then, today
is the one and only
Reni’s commemorative 21st birthday .:*:゜☆
She totally doesn’t look like a 21 year-old,
in a good way, of course (^^)

She always manages to heal everyone
with that super smile of hers,
and brings the best happiness to all of us ♪

Her strangeness
also helps to keep Momoclo together
(And thanks for always teasing me! (laugh))

She brings a Takagi World that nobody else can replicate ☆

I love you (*^^*)

Please stay like this forever
As Takagi forever
Always as Takagi forever, ok? ☆

I can’t say this well, but
Hmm, I hope she understands… (’Θ ’)

And this feeling that only belongs to “More support team”
We’ll always always treasure it (*^^*)

Please continue to look after me! (*・Θ-*)

So~ Today
is also the opening day for Aarin’s Saint Seiya movie ☆

It’s just grateful things
one after another ♪♪♪

I hope that everyone’s weekends
will be filled with lots of Happy… ☆

I’m praying for you- (*・Θ-*)