Posted on 2014-04-14 01:18:23

Thank you so much
for checking out and watching
Nodo Jiman and Bokura no ongaku
Even though I didn’t get the chance to inform everyone about it (*^^*)

Ah! And the radio show too ♪

All the performers and audience
at Nodo Jiman
really gave me so much power- (*・Θ-*)

I’m really such a blessed girl
To feel such happiness everyday thanks to music and everyone’s power- .:*:゜☆

And today, our new song was revealed for the first time
on TV and on radio…

“Naitemo iin da yo”
Everyone, what do you think~??

It’s a blooming Nakajima Miyuki-san world
Such a wonderful song, isn’t it?!

Did it ring in your heart? (*’-’).:*:゜☆

The song contains Nakajima-san’s feelings
I hope to perform it perfectly every single time
So that at least some of those feelings will be delivered to everyone de-ariyasu (*`・Θ・´*)

And tonight,
with the blooming of Nakajima Miyuki-san’s world

Mama recommended
Wherever you are, at home, out in the world, on the road, on the train platform
Or driving a taxi…
Wherever you may be…
Listen to it as you fall asleep- ♪

Thank you for all the congratulatory comments on Z’s 3rd anniversary, and all comments recommending music too (*^^*)