Posted on 2014-04-03 01:20:48

It’s 2nd April today
Does that mean the cherry blossoms will bloom soon?!

And I’m sure there are lots of people who will be starting a new life…??

Lots of things will surely be tough at first because of their unfamiliarity, but once we get used to it
We’ll start to get better at doing those things…
So hang on!! (*・Θ-*)

I’m slow on the get-go myself,
so stay calm, and let’s step out together- (*^^*)

And then- When we get exhausted and stop
Let’s look back a little

Isn’t that phrase so familiar? ♪^^;

It’s a little late
But thank you to everyone who watched “Sada Live”! ♪

And at the employee ceremony for Fuji TV too
Seeing how music brings people together
really shakes my heart
And to have this chance to take part in making music
just makes me so happy, I don’t know what to do de-ariyasu (*T T*)

I’ve received so much power…

Riding on the flowing melodies…

It can’t be written down
But I wish to deliver at least some of that power to everyone… ☆

(Today’s BGM is Fukumimi-san’s “Natsu wa korekara da!”)

Ah! Yes- yes-
Thank you to everyone
who watched Momokatari on UStream (*・Θ・*)

I may not have talked about anything super important
But if everyone likes it, we can do it again next time (*・Θ-*)






1. “Momokatari” is a combination of “Momoka” and “Katari (talk)”, the name given to Momoka’s chat session on UStream.