Posted on 2014-03-31 20:50:14

Aarin watched
“Konya mo nama de Sada Masashi” at home!

But, well-
She did watch part of it…

Before she fell asleep. (laugh)

Nooo-, the other 4 members will be angry at Aarin–. (laugh)

…Sorry for falling asleep image

Thank you for standing in as Momoclo’s pink,
and wrapping a pink towel around your mike stand! image

And for adding pink into the 5-colored drawing (*∩ω∩)

Aarin was really happy!!

Thank you.

And to all the Mononofu,
and the Squishy-nofu who wore pink despite Aarin’s absence
Thank you! (`・ω・´)

Aarin heard from Mama that everyone cheered for Aarin as well \(^o^)/

Aarin wasshoi!!! (laugh)

And thank you to all the members
for helping to explain why pink couldn’t be there! (laugh)


Aarin will get to go soon too, just a little bit more
18! 18!

image Sasaki Ayaka image


1. Squishy-nofu or “puninofu” is a term used to describe Aarin fans.
2. Japanese artistes under the age of 18 are not allowed to work after a certain timing as they are considered children and are not to be overworked.