Posted on 2014-03-05 00:20:09

It’s Takagi-!
It’s Takagi-!
I’m Takagi-!

Some staff members still call me “Takagi-san”, as if reluctant to address me otherwise (laugh)

So, it’s March now!
Yesterday was Girls’ Festival! And my family displayed our doll collection again this year ^ ^ How about everyone?
And then, Kokuritsu will be here in 2 weeks-!

Lessons are progressing smoothly.
But there’s just one thing I need to clarify.

Just what is my nickname?
Sekai no Ishikawa Yumi addresses me by a different name every day.
“Reni-chan”, “Reni”, “Taka-san”, “Taka”, “Takagi”, and sometimes “Boo-san”

It’s the same with the Mononofu too, right?