Posted on 2014-03-04 23:59:25


It seems like yesterday marks the active period for both Momoiro Clover and Momoiro Clover Z!

Wow, we’ve been doing lots of activities-! (laugh)

Ever since we changed our name,
activities for Z had started coming in without pause, so I only just realized it now. (laugh)

nothing was in vain!

And then, Kokuritsu is finally approaching!

Lessons have begun too,
and Momoclo is totally in Kokuritsu mode!!!

That excited but nervous feeling that I have before every big concert is really strong now (*゜-゜)

And then, the time has come
for my family to start interrogating me about the setlist. (laugh)

Everyone’s imagining the setlist,
telling me which songs they’d like to hear. (laugh)

I just listen with a smile (。-∀-)

Fufufu (*´艸`)