ayu_19980408: Brunch time♡

kayzu_teamayu: 15th debut Anniversary special project Chapter 1! Photobook “ayu”
miccie0730: The photobook, released on the 15th, has been sold out, and a second batch has been ordered to print a few days ago ☆ For those who didn’t manage to buy it, please wait for a while more m(__)m
ayu_19980408: Please wait a little!!!

ayu_19980408: TA is updated –> December Σ(゚д゚lll)

ayu_19980408: When did morals disappear from our world?

kayzu_teamayu: [MAGAZINE] To be released on 7 Dec, “Majesty Japan” ~Private Photo Session! Special Record: Hamasaki Ayumi in LA Super Limited Edition! Comes with double-sided poster!~ ayu’s on the cover too http://t.co/qYnO6tzbOT ♪
ayu_19980408: RT

AYUril_17: I saw the free gift content of Majesty~♥ It’s all ayu-chan’s items? ♥ I want them so much~ (n*´°ω°`*n)
ayu_19980408: They’re all personal belongings from my own closet. (laugh)

Kll_: The Majesty JAPAN poster is too beautiful!!!!!! Both sides are ayu, so I need to buy another copy so I can show both sides of the poster, right? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
ayu_19980408: Nice idea ♡

ayu_19980408: TA is updated –> Project ISM!!!

kayzu_teamayu: [News Article: TOKYO POP LINE] “BUDDHA2” prologue complete. Hamasaki Ayumi’s theme song “pray” revealed http://t.co/gYz1nN0odM
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kayzu_teamayu: [News Article: BUDDHA2 Official Site] Prologue featuring character voices & Hamasaki Ayumi’s revealed!! http://t.co/t8NRCtbV8o
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kayzu_teamayu: [YouTube] NEW Single “Feel the love/Merry-go-round”, to be released 25 Dec, new song “Merry-go-round” PV (short ver.) officially uploaded ♪(^_-)-☆http://t.co/lzMM85sM7w
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kayzu_teamayu: [News Article: BARKS] Hamasaki Ayumi’s “Merry-go-round campaign” makes its rounds on animation sites http://t.co/lHDsYuRcaT
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kayzu_teamayu: [News Article: natalie] Hamasaki Ayumi’s Countdown Live to be streamed live at cinemas nationwide http://t.co/xLAwwyyTI5
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ayu_19980408: TA is updated “Announcement~ ♪”

kayzu_teamayu: [MEDIA: TV] Hamasaki Ayumi to perform at “TV Asahi 55th Anniversary Opening Commemoration, Music Station Super Live 2013”, on air 27 Dec 19:00~!http://t.co/voKtruthwW
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ayu_19980408: TA is updated –> countdown live 2013-2014☆

kayzu_teamayu: [TeamAyu limited: Live Viewing Tickets] Limited to TA members, tickets for “Music Station SUPER LIVE 2013” live broadcast on 27 Dec (Fri) are up for grabs! More details at the FC site http://t.co/MiihhNITQd under the “Viewing / Presents” menu! (^_-)
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AYU1998l: You’re in the news all the time (*^^*) ayu looks happy in the photos, and that’s great ♡ Looking forward to meeting ayu at CDL ♪( ´▽`) http://t.co/uFc6ydAnCf
ayu_19980408: Amazed at the speed (O_O) I’m back-mambo.

miccie0730: When I first saw Ebizou-sama, I thought he was someone from Prison Break. (laugh) Well, we ate cake together just now, and seeing such a tough guy eat cake was so interesting. (lol)
ayu_19980408: That’s true. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: Seriously, everyone is writing whatever they want! (laugh) Athlete Ebizou, you’re getting mixed up in this as well! (laugh)

ayuangel_news: Hamasaki Ayumi – NEW SINGLE 12.25 in store!
01. Feel the Love: http://t.co/EkVBzWVTcZ
02. Merry-go-round: http://t.co/h8I2Y8AuKn
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kayzu_teamayu: [NicoNico Live Broadcast] To be released 25 Dec ☆ To commemorate the release of “Feel the love / Merry-go-round”, a 24-hour special programme will be broadcast on NicoNico Live Broadcast on Xmas night (24 Dec Tues 21:00~)! More details here -> http://t.co/cbclNYNXw1
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ayuangel_news: “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A” Live Viewing Announcement: http://t.co/1dR3tziUyG via @youtube
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