Posted on 2014-01-27 01:01:57

Aarin watched “Eien no 0”-!

She finally watched it-! (`・ω・´)

And she was so touched!

Aarin cried a little (°▽°)

She was sucked into the screen,
gripping onto her towel the whole time!

The 2.5 hours
passed by in the blink of an eye-

actually watched it together with Papa (^^) (laugh)

It’s been a long time since she watched a movie with Papa (laugh)

Actually…was it the first time ever? (laugh)

Aarin initially wanted to go watch it alone
but she decided to invite Papa in the end- (*´ω`*)

We’re such good buddies- \(^o^)/ (laugh)

These photos were taken by Shinoyama Kishin-san recently
for the cover of “B.L.T. April issue”-

in the National Stadium!

↑ Because Aarin was the 4th member to join the current Momoclo line-up,
she took the 4th course(?) on the track ( ̄▽ ̄) (laugh)

 Sasaki Ayaka 


1. BLT refers to Beautiful lady’s television, a Japanese magazine.