Posted on 2014-01-30 00:37:21

We appeared during Telephone Shocking on “Waratte iitomo!” today-! \(^o^)/

To everyone who watched it,
Thank you-! (*´艸`*)

This was our 3rd time on Telephone Shocking!
And it was so much fun! (*゜∀゜*)

Aarin had so much to talk to Tamori-san about~

But she didn’t win the survey segment
of Telephone Shocking- (´・ω・`)

Dammit—! (laugh)

However, she did get the strap the last time, right?

It’s her treasure! 

And then, Aarin robot made another appearance today!

It’s the Nissan DVD on sale version (*´ω`*)

Grin (。-∀-)

The robot’s body is playing the Nissan DVD video 

So happy (*^ω^*)

Everyone, thank you for the flowers!

By the way, right now!

Aarin is holding a Nissan DVD appreciation session at home!

It’s at the encore part now!

Hotei-san is so cool- (*∩ω∩)

Mama will be buying Hotei-san’s book for Aarin!

The guitar one ♪

You know,
during the chorus of “Joukyuu monogatari”,

when Aarin stirs up the mood with “GO!GO!”.

will you say that together with Aarin the next time we perform “Joukyuu monogatari”?

We’ll say “GO!GO!GO!GO!”! (`・ω・´)

Thank you–! (laugh)

Ah-, Aarin was going to go to bed
but now she’s so hyped up…

Will she be able to fall asleep? (laugh)

Wow- Or should she watch it again? (laugh)

No no!
Aarin has to go to school tomorrow!

Time to sleep!

 Sasaki Ayaka