Posted on 2014-01-28 00:51:05

Once again, I’ve made a spelling mistake on my previous entry ^^;

I forgot the “r” in Reborn (^Θ^;)

He-y, will this happen every entry?!!

I’m really so sorry! (*_ _*)

I hope that I can write today’s entry
smoothly, without any mistakes… ☆

Ah! Everyone-
Thank you for enlightening me
that it doesn’t matter whether I write Yankees as “yankiisu” or “yakiizu”,
and to recommend me lots of songs to listen to ♪

By the way, while on the move today,
I listened to “Strange Chameleon” and “Tsuyogari”
by Mr. Children and the pillows countless times
“Ahh- Both are so great- ♪”
I thought as I fangirled to myself (laugh)

I’m actually listening to “Tsuyogari” right now! ☆

I like Mr.Children’s “I’ll be” too
And whenever I listen to that,
I’ll end up listening to Jackson 5’s “I’ll be there” too
Their clear angelic singing voices
still manage to shake my heart even today de-ariyasu (((*Θ*)))

The power of song…
Is more magnificent that we can ever imagine (*’-’*)

And to be able to sing at Kokuritsu…
To feel the songs together with everyone…

I’m really looking forward to it now ☆❤