Posted on 2014-01-21 00:27:04

It’s been a long time, but
we held a live at Yoyogi Gymnasium yesterday ♪

It was the anime Kouhaku (*・Θ・*)

By the way, the red team won- ☆

Ah! Yes- yes-
You know the narration at the beginning of Z Densetsu-?

Tachiki Fumihiko-san did the narration live for us
I felt so inspired!!

He was so cool de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

Then our choreographer “sekai no yumi-sensei”
choreographed a dance for us with Sphere-san in our first collab
We sang Maji LOVE 1000% together ♪

And so, we managed to connect with lots of people, as if by destiny
It’s just such a wonderful thing! .:*:゜☆

Ah! By the way, the other green idol Aki-chan
is totally different from me
She’s so tall, she can definitely spare me 5cm!!
That’s what I thought when I saw her (^Θ^;)w

Anyway- ♪ She’s really so kind-!!
Ahh, I wanted her to be my real big sis .:*:゜☆

It was really such a joy to do a collab with you de-ariyasu ♪

And then, this time round
Aarin’s leg is suffering from a breakdown~ this live

So the Nippon Broadcasting version of Aarin robot
made an appearance on a pushcart!!

I was a little nervous because the show was a little different from usual

But because everyone was supporting us,
it was totally great!!

In the end, Aarin pulled through (*^^*)

To everyone who came to watch
and everyone who sent in lots of cheers through our blogs and such
Thank you so much ❤

Your voices have reached us-

Thanks for all the power ♪

It may seem very far off still,
but let’s all pray together
and wait patiently for Aarin’s wonderful dancing- (*^^*)

It’s OK ♪