Posted on 2014-01-14 11:16:48

Coming-of-age ceremony~!

We has such great weather today ^ ^
A wonderfully thankful sign for coming-of-age day.

One of our group has become the first new adult!
Congrats (●´艸`)

Taka-san has chosen a purple furisode
As expected of someone who is forever Momoclo’s ambassador ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Tamai’s family also had a long discussion
about how wearing furisode makes one look truly 20~ (laugh)

She looked great in furisode~
So dazzling.

From now on, Momoclo will see the birth
of new adults every single year
It’s so unbelievable…

Next year will be Kanako and Momoka
2 years later, myself
3 years later, Aarin.

We’re becoming a new Momoclo- ^ ^

Taka-san, congratulations
on this once-in-a-lifetime big event ^ ^

You’ll always be the most senior member
of Momoclo.
You’ll lead us along, right? (laugh)