Posted on 2014-01-15 21:18:07

Everyone, sorry for causing you so much worry!

Due to my own carelessness, I injured my left foot while at home
The bone has developed a crack.

I’m really so sorry!

I can still walk
and my everyday life won’t be impeded by this, but

I can’t dance…

So I’ll only be able to sing during concerts.

I hope to return to perfect condition as soon as possible,
so that I can deliver a better performance than usual

So I’ll be focusing on healing for now.

To everyone who is looking forward to our concerts,
I’m really so sorry.

I’ve also brought so much trouble
to everyone in the group



Thank you to everyone
for all your encouraging comments! (^^)

I feel much calmer now
after reading everyone’s warm comments.

I can’t dance now,
but I’ll make up for that in other ways,
so I’ll work hard!

Please watch over me! (`・ω・´)

Thank you.

Sasaki Ayaka