Posted on 2014-01-07 23:40:04

My 2014
started off on a calm~ note!

Our first live this year
was the 3Bjr. live “Ore no Fujii”
held at Maebashi Green Dome!!

What’s with that title?! (laugh)

But to form groups with girls we don’t usually meet
and perform a live together
felt like gathering with relatives over the new year, and it was fun ^ ^

We don’t get many chances to see the other groups,
so being able to watch them perform gave us some motivation.

As for me.
I’ve graduated from 3Bjr.!

So I’m now a 3rd year high school student…
When I had my first 3B live,
we held a graduation for Asuka Rin~

At that time, I thought that my own graduation
was still a long time off, but in the blink of an eye,
I’ve become the oldest member of 3B (´・з・`)

And Momoclo
is also the most senior group in 3B…

The number of juniors is growing so fast,
I need to become a senior they can respect!
We all need to work even harder!

And so, 2014 opens on a great note ^ ^

Satomi-chan, Shizune-chan, and Nao-chan
were my fellow graduates

So glad that there were other people of my age~



1. Asuka Rin, Ookubo Satomi, Nagao Shizune and Aoyama Nao are members of Stardust promotion.