Posted on 2014-01-06 12:22:04

For this year… It’s a little late
but my family finally did our first shrine visit of the New Year 😉🎵

2 bows, 2 claps, 1 bow
I prayed for lots of things…
(Oh! For everyone too *^^*)
And drew my fortune ← Half-blessings

It’s really true that without doing all these
it doesn’t feel like the new year has started at all (laugh)

Now I feel refreshed (*・Θ-*)

there’s just so many happy things, so many that they’re overflowing
that I wished to tell everyone about since long long ago- 😍❤

Actually~ For the 3B event “Ore no Fujii” on 4 January,
I formed up the unit “Tenkasu Trio” limited to just that concert
with Ebichuu’s Hinata and Syachihoko’s Chiyu.
We also performed an original song 😍🎵❤

The song’s name is
“Eien no Trinity” 🎵

It was a totally new experience for me,
so I was nervous, in a different way from when I’m with Momoclo,
like my heart was beating so hard that it would burst!!
It was tough (*Θ*;)

But it was great when we sang and it felt wonderful! 😍❤ ✨

Hinata and Chiyu also gave me lots of encouragement,
and it made me want to work even harder.
I hope that we can do this together again ✨✨

Someday, surely ☆ It’ll be great if it can happen! (*^^*)

And so,
that was our first live for the year ✋

To spend such an enjoyable time
with everyone in 3B,
and everyone who came down to Maebashi,
and everyone who watched the LV around Japan,
I was in the best spirits 🎵

I just feel that this year will be the best year yet ☆

Aiming higher than ever
I’ll need to work hard de-ariyasu

this is something that’s often done at the beginning of a year…

It’s the time
when everyone starts off something new, either with work or with their lives, right?

Let’s all work hard together- (*^Θ^*)

Ah! By the way, an extra story…

On our way home from our shrine visit,
I had my first shopping trip- 👣

But almost everything nice was sold out,
and only the leftover goods are still remaining in the stores ← I’m exaggerating slightly ^^;

But in that midst,
I managed to dig around and uncover some things,
and I bought a wallet, boots and muffler in the end-

Fufu! ♪
This year… I’ll show you girl power— ❤

I don’t have any nice punchlines to end off this entry… (lol)

Please support me- 😉✋


1. “2 bows, 2 claps, 1 bow” is the procedure for prayers at a Japanese shrine. More details [here].
2. Drawing fortune or Omikuji is done at a Japanese shrine. More details [here].
3. Tenkasu Trio is an “Ore no Fujii”-limited group consisting of Ariyasu Momoka, Kashiwagi Hinata from Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, and Itou Chiyuri from Team Syachihoko. Tenkasu are the crunchy bits of deep-fried dough produced as a by-product of cooking tempura.