Posted on 2014-01-05 19:05:00





Our New Year LIVE was “Ore no Fujii”! (laugh)
It’s been a whole year since the last 3B live-!

This year, everyone in 3B has powered up- (≧∇≦)
I love it when we all get crazy together!

This time, we had units which didn’t exist last year, and units limited to this live!
So- many of them ^ ^
I watched a little of the show, and it made me smile so much, and I somehow felt like a proud parent (laugh)

Our Ariyasu also took part in the Tenkasu Trio, with Kashiwagi-san from Ebichuu and Chiyu from Syachihoko. I watched the segment from backstage, and that made me feel like a proud parent too! (laugh)

I wish that we’ll not be limited to our own groups, so we can create more good things together. And in order to pull everyone closer together, I need to grow up more!

So I’ll work hard throughout this year too!
Look forward to 7DAYS of “Ore no Fujii” in 2015 *・゜゚・*:

Thank you, everyone!
And congrats to Fujii-san’s marriage!
And and, congrats to everyone who graduated from 3B today (^-^)

From now on, 3B will be unstoppable!


1. 3B junior Live Final “Ore no Fujii” 2014 was held on 4 Jan at Green Dome in Gunma Prefecture.
2. Tenkasu Trio is an “Ore no Fujii”-limited group consisting of Ariyasu Momoka, Kashiwagi Hinata from Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, and Itou Chiyuri from Team Syachihoko. Tenkasu are the crunchy bits of deep-fried dough produced as a by-product of cooking tempura.