Evening-mi Image
Mummy has been obsessed with speaking in “Netoge” slang Image (laugh)

Did everyone watch Doyou Studio Park today?
Some Mononofu came to the studio, while others gathered at the broadcast location in Yokohama!
For the live broadcast, we performed nostalgic Z Densetsu, Saraba and BokuCen!

It was a really fun hour!

And then, Momokuri is finally coming in 2 day’s time!
We’re physically ready!
How about everyone?
Ah, I’m so nervous, there’s butterflies in my tummy!
The weather forecast predicts temperatures of -1°C, but that’s not the point!
I’ll work hard with all my might for last day lessons tomorrow!

I wanna see everyone soon!


1. Netoge is short for “netto geemu” or “net/online games”.