Thank you
to everyone who watched Studio Park! Image Image

Live broadcasts are really pit-a-pat heart throbs (^Θ^;)

Al-right, finally,
it’ll be the 22nd soon
And Momokuri and Christmas
are just before us!!!

Ah! To everyone coming to Seibu,
please dress warmly like dango- (laugh)

Rolling rolling… fufufu ♪

It’ll be really cold
So make sure you’re prepared! (*・Θ-*)

It’s still a little early,
but to everyone reading this blog

Merry Christmas Image

Happy Christmas Image Image

I don’t have much
but I hope to deliver love to everyone…☆ Image


1. The “Flying” in the title refers to “Flying get”, the Japanese Internet slang word for buying merchandise more than a day earlier than its official release date.
2. Dango is a Japanese dumpling made from rice flour.