We’re already halfway through December~! (°_°)
Time just flies by so fast…

It just feels too fast whenever it comes to this time of year~

Just a short while more
and I won’t be a high school student anymore.
Reality hasn’t set in yet, but I do feel sad.

I want to create lots of memories! ^ ^

Ah-! S.p.e.a.k.i.n.g.o.f.w.h.i.c.h
Speaking of which (^人^)

Not really… (laugh)

I cut my hair (^o^)

Just a little bit! (laugh)
Everyone’s been praising me for growing my hair out
and I went to get it cut anyway. (laugh)

But compared to that very first time
when I cut my hair short,
this is considered quite long ゜.+(*¨*)+.゜

My bangs were also cut, and they rest nicely on my eyebrows now! ^ ^

Fufufu ( ^ω^ )
Alright, see you~!

Shiorin Image