Thank you
for all your comments regarding FNS Image

And also the comments regarding Rikopii’s birthday (laugh) ♪

Alright, today-
we received a huge cardboard box from Grandma~ Image

It contained vegetables harvested from her plantation,
grilled conger eels and dried horse mackerel ♪

And then-
my favourite oranges were there too (*’-’*)
So—- many of them  Image Image

And then and then,
there were apples too- Image

These apples~
So big and glossy and delicious-looking- Image

And these apples came~
Right after we performed “Ringo satsujin jiken” (laugh)

Such good timing de-ariyasu (^w^)ww

I really love fruits-
So this was true bliss Image

Ah! But I need to make sure I don’t eat too much (^Θ^;)


1. I used orange in the translation, but Momoka uses the word “mikan”, which refers specifically to satsuma mandarin oranges
2. Rikopii is the character Momoka plays in drama Tenshi to Jump
3. “Ringo satsujin jiken” translated is “The Apple Murder Incident”