Everyone~ Evening-yo— Image

I was all around Western Japan 2 days ago,
when I witnessed the first snowfall again after so many years (* *)

Finally, we’re submerged in winter

Just a little more to Christmas…
One more step before December…

We’re rushing into a busy season ahead =3=3=3

Is everyone working hard at their jobs and exams
in order to welcome the end of the year on a positive note too?? Image

Good luck to everyone taking their exams—!!! Image Image

Either way, it’s December,
so stay calm (*・Θ-*)

Ah! I should stay calm myself too! ^^;

So, it’s the last day of November,
and I’ll work hard de-ariyasu.
So everyone, work hard too~~~ Image Image

Ah! I forgot something important!!
Thank you so much
for all your congratulatory comments on Kouhaku! (*^Θ^*)

We’ll be spending that time with everyone again this year,
so no matter what happens, we’ll strive on in high spirits till the end of the year- Image
Thank you ♪ Thank you ♪ Image