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Hamasaki Ayumi uploads backstage shots of herself with AAA member at “a-nation”
2 September 2013. 13:25

On 1 September, artiste Hamasaki Ayumi uploaded twin photos of herself and 7-member entertainment group AAA’s Urata Naoya.

Both Hamasaki and AAA were performers at the finale show for “a-nation stadium fes. 2013” at Tokyo, Ajinomoto Stadium. On her Twitter account, Hamasaki wrote about her thoughts regarding AAA’s live performance, “Watched AAA’s opening show-! Everyone got so high-“, and added that “I got high too-!”. Furthermore, she uploaded a twin photo of herself and Urata backstage at “a-nation”, with the comment “Next, I took a photo with little bro-“.

She also uploaded another photo of herself wearing AAA’s merchandise with the following comment, “AAA cap and T-shirt I got from little bro”, happily asserting that “I’ll go home wearing these today ♪”.

Urata was a guest vocalist at Hamasaki’s show during “a-nation” in 2011. Currently, Hamasaki refers to Urata as her “little bro”, and the two seem to share an intimate sibling-like relationship.