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With ayu-san ♡
29 August 2013. 00:06

I’m in this month’s issue of VIVI.

First, to everyone in TA who bought Sugar Coconuts.

Thank you so much.

Developers, please save this photo of us as commemoration. 💖✨✨✨🌻🌻🌻🌻

I’m so glad that rose and coconuts both got such great reviews. There were also lots of voices calling for Chapter 3 soon, and that really made me reach the limit of joy.

To answer the question, what next?

Hmm~?? (laugh)

Shall I discuss it with ayu-san? (laugh)

But I’m interested in all-organic haircare products too.

Everyone, please send in your opinions.

I’ll work hard to make Chapter 3 come true.