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<BARKS News Award> For July 2013, Hamasaki Ayumi (J-pop) and Blur (pop) wins No.1
28 August 2013. 16:29

As the scorching summer slowly eases, autumn’s presence can be felt along with the lingering heat. At this time, the “BARKS News Award” for July brought colour to this midsummer’s season. The article that attained the No.1 spot is the live report detailing Hamasaki Ayumi’s nationwide arena tour commemorating her 15th Anniversary.

From a crucified entrance on a cross suspended 10m above the stage, to the neverending “ayu call”, it was a report of a concert dream world that brought joy to many audience.

“BARKS News Award” July 2013 Monthly Award
● July 2013 J-pop No.1
[LIVE Report] Hamasaki Ayumi’s 15th Anniversary Tour ends. “Everyone, please smile until the day we meet again. Promise me!” (28 August)

“It’s a crucial tour celebrating her 15th debut Anniversary, and we’re glad that many are reading the article out of interest. Thank you. She will continue to run “in her own way”, so please continue to support her.” – Hamasaki Ayumi’s staff