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♡♥ayu-chan♡ ‘Oui, Ayano Ruban’ First exhibition♥♡
27 August 2013.

As I’ve written in my previous entry

Somehow, somehow…

My very favourite obsession, the person I truly respect, Hamasaki Ayumi-san aka ayu-chan, came for the first exhibition of ‘Oui, Ayano Ruban‘ ♡

I was really so happy ♡

Today’s entry will be full of special photos!!!

Photo by Ryan Chan☆☆☆

ayu-chan reached… ♥

She was at her most beautiful that day too ♥

I was so happy that she carefully looked through every piece of clothing I created for Ruban with all my heart!!!

Next, we went to the accessories corner ♥

Ruban’s original vanilla perfume, created after so many trials.

I was so happy that she liked it—— ♡

The original candle with the same fragrance ♥

Miccie-san seemed to like the fragrance too, and kept on sniffing really hard at it, which made us laugh.

Ruban’s big ribbon clutch ♥

Lots of original knits ♥

Pink feathered sets too ♡

The original checked dress fits ayu-chan too well ♥

Me telling ayu-chan the story of the creation of this FOX fur coat which she was obsessed with. (laugh)

As expected, it fits her most of all ♥

The fur boots I wore today~♥

Me telling her about the big ribbon dress. I was so nervous that my voice probably sounded lower than usual. (laugh)

Shoes corner ♡

Chiffon hemmed ribbon dress ♥

It fitted her really well too ♡

A skirt with a ribbon and pompom motif underlayer ♡

She looked through each piece and made lots of orders…

I was just really glad that she came, but I’m really grateful for her orders too ♥

Kanlgan lamb x fox coat and Bijou dress, coat with scarf and tweed ♡

Lastly, a commemorative photo with Aki (my husband), also Ruban’s promotion director ♥

ayu-chan uploaded this photo on her Twitter too ♡♥

Next, I brought her to the party space ♡

Caught blinking… (laugh)

This catering of sweets was all made by T&G-san just for this event ♡

Ryan’s favourite chocolate ☆

Cheers with pink champagne ♥

I was so happy that my eyes looked smaller than usual… (laugh) ↑↓

So grateful that she took a photo with me outdoors despite the rain!!

Too pretty~ ♡
Ryan, thank you for the cute photos ♥

ayu-chan was probably exhausted after a full day of photoshoots, but she was smiling the whole time, and listened intently to my introductions and stories…

I was really so happy.

When she left, she showed Aki and I the best smiles as we shook hands ♥

Although lots of things had happened as we tried to establish this brand, to have ayu-chan look through all the things the Ruban team created together, and comment on how cute they are, re—————————————ally made me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so glad we held on.

So glad I’m alive ♡♡♡

ayu-chan, miccie-san, and all the staff, as well as photographer Ryan who took lots of cute photos, thank you all so so much ♥♥♥

I’m really so lucky.

I’ll continue to create more cute things.

Looking forward to a-nation this weekend ♪