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Last ☆ Nomura Yoshio
6 August 2013. 13:50

So, “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR~A BEST LIVE~”, which started off in April, has finally finished its run at the last venue, Tokyo’s Yoyogi Gymnasium.
There were just so many songs we wanted everyone to hear, so the setlist kept changing as we went along…
We wanted everyone to think that each live was unique and diffferent~
And with that, the audience would be able to enjoy the show.

Of course, to answer to ayu-chan’s feelings, the staff, band, dancers and everyone came together as one to create this tour.
Was it a fitting show to celebrate Hamasaki Ayumi’s 15th Anniversary~?

Alright, let me upload a photo from a seldom seen perspective.
This is what ayu-chan sees, the view from the centre of the stage, when she sings from the pool suspended at that spot~.
This one was taken during rehearsals at Yoyogi Gymnasium. Beautiful, isn’t it~?

During the show, the audience seats are filled with uchiwa and glowing penlights, so it gets even more beautiful.
Yes, that “beauty” is created through the effort of every single person in the venue, only during the main show.
That’s why all of us manage to hold on.
28 shows in all. It was a job well done~

Nomura Yoshio