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15th Tour ☆ SHU-YA
6 August 2013. 03:00

Good job on Hamasaki Ayumi’s 15th tour.

And then, congrats to ayu-chan!

I’ll be updating the tour blog for today, and although I’ve been updating regularly on my own blog, this is my first time here (laugh)

Scrolling through my phone looking for pictures to upload, I got sucked into reminiscing about various things instead.

So many people around Japan, not only in Tokyo, have helped us out so much.

Thank you, everyone.

This time round, since there’s some free time in autumn, I’d like to take some time off for myself.

I wanna work hard at some things (^^)

But before that, I’ve finally calmed down yesterday, and will be taking a short break (laugh)

A really short one–!

Let’s meet again soon, everyone.

So much congrats to ayu-chan once again! (^^)