During a-nation last year, Hamasaki Ayumi’s FOOD & GOODS SHOP “ayu ready? RAINBOW HOUSE mini☆” has powered up this year into a gaming attraction!

※”ayu ready? RAINBOW HOUSE mini☆” will be open at a-nation island from 3~11 Aug 2013 and a-nation stadium fes. in Tokyo from 31 Aug ~ 1 Sep.


A special limited version of popular smartphone app featuring ayupan in a “Find the Differences” game on “LINE Hidden Catch” will be available at RAINBOW HOUSE!
Find the 5 differences in a specified time to win attractive prizes!!

Prizes are limited in quantity each day, so do hurry down!

Get high at “RAINBOW HOUSE” this summer!!
☆ Please do familiarize yourself with the smartphone app “LINE Hidden Catch” before coming down!

More details here ♪ –> [here]

※The “LINE×ayupan” pack available during a-nation contains different content from the normal downloadable version.


“ayu ready? RAINBOW HOUSE mini☆” ayupan×Hidden Catch “Find the Differences” game

2 pictures will be shown on a large monitor at the booth.
Compare the 2 pictures and touch the areas which are different.
Find 5 differences in the specified time to win attractive prizes!
Can you find it all?!


●Perfect Score
Players who can spot all differences can pick one of the two prizes available!

・Hamasaki Ayumi Premium T-shirt

※Worn by the dancers, performers and band members during “FNS Summer Song Festival”, aired on 31 July on Fuji TV.

・LINE Character Plushie

※Random 1 out of 3 available designs

●Participation Prize
All players who take part will receive:
・Original Postcard

★”a-nation island” Limited Special
Collect 10 original postcards at “a-nation island” to exchange for the perfect prize.
Don’t miss this limited campaign!!

【PLAY Cost】

・300yen / 1 PLAY
・3,000yen spent on Hamasaki Ayumi goods at the venue / 1 PLAY


・ Please bring along the receipt of purchase of Hamasaki Ayumi official goods. Those without receipts can still play the game for 300yen per play. (Same day receipts required)
・ Gameplay is limited to single players. Adults accompanying children of above elementary age will be required to wait outside the booth.
・ Winners of the perfect prize are entitled to pick their prize. (Plushie design cannot be picked, and will be random) However, if one prize runs out for that day, all subsequent winners will not get to pick.
・ Booth will close early should all prizes for the day run out.
・ The “a-nation island” limited special is available only during “a-nation island”.
・ Postcards which have been swapped for the perfect prize cannot be used again. Anyone suspected of reselling or duplicating postcards will not be allowed to swap for the perfect prize.
・ A concert ticket or the “a-nation island” venue ticket is required for entry into “a-nation island”.
・ Digital venue tickets for “a-nation island” can be downloaded for free from this fanclub, mu-mo shop or mu-mo website! Refer [here] for more details.