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Location Finale ♪
25 July 2013. 13:00

Alright!!! Here’s the entry for O-S-A-K-A Day 4!!
Hmm-, firstly, an announcement that Day 4 of the Osaka shows ☆ also the location finale ☆ has ended on a successful note-!

Everyone who took part in Day 4 at Osaka Jou Hall!!!

Following right on Day 3, your cheers were amazing, and it got really hot (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) We managed to have the best location finale. Thank you all so much!!

And so, let’s carry on- ♪

After the rehearsal before the main show, we spotted the NATU dancer having his meal!


↑ What “Huh?” looks like. (laugh)
While eating his omelette. (laugh)
Sorry for taking a photo during your meal-. But taking quick shots is my hobby. ← A dangerous one (laugh)

Eh? There’s more people eating behind too.. ☆

↑ Protecting the princess throughout the tour, security Hiroshi-san ☆ He’s smartly dressed today too!!

And the person at the side is the one who does all the movie clips shown during the LIVE, Tacky-san ☆
With such wonderful clips, the LIVE shows become even more wonderful ♪

And then, while passing by the princess’ backstage room, we spotted another security member!

↑ The serious guard in front of the princess’ room. With him here, nobody but the staff members can get inside. So safe ♪

And then-! These 2 dancers posed for a photo~ ♪

The always powerful!! KO-chama!!!
He’s wearing NEW ERA~! (laugh)
His taste in fashion fits him well. Yes (^^)v

And then…
A regular on this tour blog, LICO-nyan!!!

My first time trying out the LICO-nyan pose. Did I do well??
But LICO-nyan definitely looks the best-. (laugh) so cute!

I’ll go practise until I can look cool doing it (^▽★)ノ

And lastly… Another quick shot, of Yankashi-san.
So serious…
He looks a little scary (Well, he really is scary? laugh), but he’s a re-ally reliable big bro (^^)ノ

…Alright, that’s all the photos I have for today…

The next show is finally!!! The finale at Yoyogi!!

That’s right! This tour has finally reached the sacred ground of Yoyogi!!

A 15th Anniversary tour which began in April. With all the power received from everyone all over the nation, we’ll do this with all our mights!! So let us stand proud on Yoyogi’s finale stage ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

There’s nothing to do now but wait for us—–! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Let’s spend the best time together ♪( ´θ`)ノ

A-CHORUS ★ miccie