ISM Salon Quality Haircare “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary Edition” Chapter 2 “Sugar Coconuts” will be going on sale!

This Chapter 2 shampoo contains sunflower seed essence to protect your hair from drying out in summer’s ultraviolet sunrays, as well as provide intense care for damaged hair.
Combined with ayu’s favourite coconut fragrance, the “sugar coconuts” scent has been carefully mixed to be sweet and thick!

【ISM】 Salon Quality Shampo & Treatment “Sugar Coconuts”


<On sale at TOUR venues>
“ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~”
27~28 July National Yoyogi First Gymnasium

*Purchase as a set to receive the “Sugar Coconuts” visual poster!!
*Items not sold separately.


<On sale at mu-mo shop>
29 July 19:00 onwards~

*Purchase as a set to receive the “Sugar Coconuts” visual clear file!!
*Items not sold separately.


<General sales>
From mid-August onwards.
More details to be released at a later date.


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* Sales will begin from 29 July 19:00 onwards~. The site will be accessible before this, but no purchases can be made.
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