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Hiroshima ☆ Katsuyuki
17 July 2013. 15:00

I’ll be updating the tour blog for Hiroshima today!
This is performer Katsuyuki (^^)

I know everyone has the chance to see us while on stage, so for today’s blog, I’ll be introducing a little on what happens backstage as we prepare for the show (^_-)-☆

Alright! Let’s go!!

Is there anyone around~?

I’ve spotted someone!!

Female dancer Midori-san spotted!!

She’s stretching!
The other female dancers do this too, but Midori-san is really very flexible~! (^^)

She’s in the middle of loosening her muscles in preparation for the main show (`_´)ゞ


She’s still in the same pose??

Oh well!!

Let’s gather ourselves (^^)

And go look for someone else!!

Next, spotted!!

Tomoki, my fellow acrobat, spotted!!

He is stretching like Midori-san too!

We have guys who are just as flexible as the girls!!

Well, all of us have our own stretching exercises to help loosen our muscles as we prepare for the main show (^ ^)


It can’t be… Who is this?!

KO-san!! ∑(゚Д゚)

What are you doing——!! (laugh)

Leave it to KO-san to come up with such a warm-up exercise… (laugh)

Oh well!!
Guess we each have our own ways of getting our emotions and bodies ready for the show ( ^ω^ )

… Of course, KO-san doesn’t just fool around~ (laugh)

And so, lastly!

KO-san, forced into a split! (laugh)

And so! Osaka is next!!!

A-PERFORMER ☆ Katsuyuki