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Hiroshima Green Arena ☆ Day 2!!!
16 July 2013. 14:00

Day 2 at Hiroshima ended successfully on the highest note.

Day 2’s cheers and excitement were really awesome too (≧∇≦)

Every time ayu came back on stage after a scene change, the cries of “ayu~♪” never stopped!

And then, the audience responded to ayu, and ayu responded back to the audience at all the right times. It was a wonderful night when we strongly felt all the feelings being delivered (^_-)

And so, here are the commemorative photos of the memories of the super energetic and hot Hiroshima fans who came for Day 2 ☆ at Hiroshima Green Arena with a DODO-N (^-^)/

These 2days at the venue were just filled with wonderful audience, and the semi-finale for the location shows has ended with the best shows (*^^*)

Thank you so much for the best time in these 2days at Hiroshima-!!!!