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S Cawaii from Sendai!!
8 July 2013. 11:30


Well! We’re back after 1 year- ♪

Thank you so much for the 2days at Sendai!

And so and so, I’ll be updating the blog today-! ♪

Firstly, Day 1 at Sendai ☆

Well, it was just hot!! Hot!!! We all got so high-!! The cheers just got louder and louder… Sendai power is really awesome (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

To all the people who took part in Day 1! Thank you all so much-!!

And today… I’ll be introducing this, which went on sale a few days ago ☆

↑ S Cawaii’s August issue, with Hamasaki Ayumi gracing the cover!!!!!

And dancer LICO-nyan, trying to imitate her expression ☆

↓ Next to her, we have dancer EMI-nyan attentively reading the inside pages ☆ (laugh)

To be so engrossed… It’s probably because she sees a beautiful Hamasaki Ayumi inside! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

And then, the interview pages!!!!! A must see!!
Of course, she talks about beauty, and also about what comes after her 15th Anniversary… ♪

Everyone, please check it out.

And so, lastly! We’ll end off with this person.


↑ Performer KATSUYUKI-sama, doing a mirror pose of the cover shot pose. (laugh) He seems slightly embarrassed. (laugh)

And so!!! I’ll update again soon (^▽-)-★

A-CHORUS ★ miccie