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Sekisuiheim Super Arena ☆ Day 1!!!
7 July 2013. 13:00

The second half of 2013 has begun, how has everyone been?

This year’s tour started out in April, and including these 2 days in Sendai, there are only 8 shows left at 4 locations!

~A BEST LIVE~ continues to evolve, powering up yet again with everyone’s smiles and voices.

And this Day 1 ☆ at Sekisuiheim Super Arena ended successfully with the highest excitement! (^_-)-☆

We totally felt everyone’s cheers and the feeling of one-ness at the venue ♪( ´▽`)

Here, without delay, are the commemorative photos of the memories of everyone with their smiles, who took part in this Day 1 ☆ at Sekisuiheim Super Arena ♪(^-^)/

(The handmade original flags are awesome ♪)

(The quality of these handmade original caricature uchiwas is just so high ♪)

Thank you for cooperating with our photographers!

Today is Tanabata ☆

(We received this bunch of wonderful tanzaku, filled with fans’ feelings for ayu)

Has everyone written their wishes on tanzaku yet?

I wish for everyone to always be happy~!!! (≧∇≦)

And so, let’s enjoy ourselves to the max and create the best memories for Day 2 ☆ at Sekisuiheim Super Arena too ♪