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Nippon Gaishi Hall ☆ Commemorative Photos of Memories from Days 3,4!!!
3 July 2013. 01:30

The Nagoya shows bring an end to June, and Days 3 and 4 at Nippon Gaishi Hall hit the highest high! \(^o^)/

During the show, we were surrounded by everyone’s hot heaty steam, so burning hot that we were blown away!

And then, at the venue which was dyed pink, during that song after the encore, the audience’s voltage hit MAX!!! (≧∇≦) Didn’t it?!!

It was a 2 days when we felt the coming of summer (^_-)-☆

And so, without delay, we’ve uploaded all the commemorative photos of the memories of everyone who took part in Days 3 and 4 at Nippon Gaishi Hall with a DODO—-N ♪(^o^)/

To all the cosplayers, and those who came in their original T-shirt, parka and uchiwa designs, thank you so much for cooperating with our photographers.

Thank you all so much for bringing the 4 days at Nagoya to a huge climax!