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Hamasaki Ayumi spends nights with new Caucasian lover in Bali before returning to Tokyo
27 June 2013.
Josei Seven 11 July 2013 Issue.

Hamasaki Ayumi (34) was spotted with a Caucasian male, believed to be her new lover, in Bali at a high-class hotel.

ayu is in the midst of her 15th Anniversary commemorative tour now, and with a brief break between tour dates, she had flown out to stay at a world-class luxury hotel situated on Badung Peninsula, on the southern coast of Bali, Indonesia. She had booked a suite room, costing 700,000yen per night.

ayu arrived at the hotel on the morning of 16 June, and close beside her was a man. After checking in, the two hurried to their villa. For the next 5 days, until the 20th, the pair spent most of their time inside the hotel.

“There were a few friends who accompanied them in the hotel, but it was easy to see that the man was someone important to ayu. He was always beside her, and as if hiding from the prying eyes of the other customers, they would request for curtains to be placed around their table at the restaurant” (Eyewitness customer)

In November last year, ayu announced her relationship with back dancer Uchiyama Maroka (Maro, 29), but the two broke up after a mere 45 days. It is believed that the man with her at the hotel is her new lover.

A music industry staff who knows both parties explains. “He is a Caucasian male who was one of ayu’s coordinators when she visited Los Angeles in the past. He is her old friend. When he heard of her divorce and subsequent breakup, he was concerned and thus contacted her. He is younger than her, but responsible, and ayu feels safe around him. They officially became a couple around spring”

As if unwilling to spend time away from each other, the pair had made plans to meet up even before Bali.

“When ayu visited Korea for a live event on 14 June, he was there with her too” (Music industry staff)

ayu then returned to Japan to prepare for the live shows in Kobe on the 22nd and 23rd. Of course, her lover was with her as well. Korea, Bali, then Kobe… After this 10 days of romantic getaway, the pair has returned to ayu’s home in Tokyo.