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Nippon Gaishi Hall ☆ Day 3!!!
29 June 2013. 16:00

We’re back- (^-^)/ Nagoya!!!

After 2 months, we’re back here at Nippon Gaishi Hall again ♪(*^^*)

Alright, we have an announcement to make here today!

I’m sure most people know about this already, but the highly praised, highly anticipated 15th Anniversary Arena Tour ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~ will be released soon as LIVE CD (18 Sep) & LIVE DVD/Blu-ray (30 Oct)!! \(^o^)/

Furthermore!!!! As a 15th Anniversary special TOUR venue campaign, starting from the shows at Kobe World Memorial Hall a few days ago, customers who preorder either the LIVE CD or the LIVE DVD/Blu-ray at the tour venue’s CD booth will get a download card to download the soundtrack of one of the songs performed during that day’s live! A free gift that only members who preorder on that day can get!!!

This campaign is a first for Hamasaki Ayumi, a limited, precious free gift of a recording of that day’s voice and memories of the live. So for those looking to purchase the LIVE CD or LIVE DVD/Blu-ray, please do come visit the CD booth at the venue. (^_-)-☆

More details here -> http://www.avexnet.or.jp/ayu/jp/news/130617.html

And so, it’s hot, humid and sunny here, but let’s heat up Day 3 ☆ at Nippon Gaishi Hall today even more—!!! (^O^)/